With the extraordinary rise in messaging and AI and the emergence of Conversational Marketing as a critical new form of digital marketing, marketers need resources to determine which providers can meet their needs and which capabilities are most critical to their success now and in the future.

Transforming what's possible for brands with AI

Right on time, in February 2018, Opus Research, a well-respected analyst firm focused on “Conversational Commerce” and associated fields including Conversational Marketing, published Foundations of Conversational Marketing – the industry’s first evaluation of solution providers in this new space. Specifically, out of hundreds of vendors identified, Opus Research short-listed 17 providers and Automat’s capabilities rose to the top.

In the report, Opus Research explains that Conversational Marketing employs messaging bots to engage prospects and customers in AI-infused conversations in ways that make them the source of the most recent and accurate indicators of their intents, preferences, and instructions. Leveraging this new approach to consumer engagement, brands gain competitive advantage and increased customer lifetime value by maintaining an ongoing relationship through ubiquitous bots. Opus notes that Automat is alone in offering an “enterprise-grade” marketing platform that leverages custom-built AI to drive understanding, recommendation and personalization.

As part of the document, Opus Research provides a common framework and proposes an accepted terminology for brands and marketers to use as they evaluate their deployment options for Conversational Marketing technologies and build conversational channels with their prospects and customers. To support evaluation, Opus Research divided the features and functions of each solution set into two broad technological categories (platform and AI) and intersect those capabilities with the provider’s breadth of services and client experience to arrive at a complete view of the provider’s ability to meet the overall needs of companies and deliver solutions that successfully address end-consumer needs and provide strong ROI.

The report is a must-have resource for marketers considering Conversational Marketing projects and with whom they want to partner on these important new initiatives.

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