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Talk with your consumers, personalize your website and increase sales – all using Conversational AI.

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Why Brands Pick Automat

5+ Insights with Every Chat

First-party data is table stakes for modern brands. Make consumer experiences better by learning what they really want.

+30% Sales Conversion

Consumers want their choices to be easy. When you help people make decisions, they actually buy more. 

92% Satisfaction Rate

Conversational AI that’s fun, quick, easy, friendly and informative satisfies consumers and makes them love your brand. 

Connect With Your Consumer At Every Step of Their Journey

Fun and engaging ads, higher conversion on e-commerce and convenient post-purchase automations: every one of these solutions is possible through conversational AI, helping you learn more, grow your brand and build lasting customer relationships.

Conversational Advertising for Marketing

Conversational ads and landing pages across channels like Instagram, Facebook and Google Display allow you to build rich customer profiles, enhance retargeting and drive more revenue through e-commerce.

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Virtual Product Advisors for Commerce

Use Virtual Product Advisors to provide automated, personalized recommendations and answer consumers’ individual consultation questions to sell more – just like an in-store advisor would!

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FAQ & Human Handoff for Support

Give consumers instant answers to basic questions, improve their experience and allow your live agents to focus on satisfying complex needs and selling more.

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AI Technology That Converts

Get access to AI that understands both your consumers and your products. Simplify product choices and give consumers the encouragement they need to buy more – all in a fun, friendly, opt-in and transparent way that lets your brand voice absolutely shimmer. 

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How Automat Delivers Value to Brands

Conversational AI Expertise

Our team has decades of experiences and dozens of awards and patents. We build our solutions to achieve this technology’s full potential.

Enterprise Leadership

We focus on achieving real results with multiple world-leading brands and holding companies, passing SOC, ISO 27k and other necessities to actually help them sell more. 

Fast Time to Value

We’ve built methods and designs that influence customers to buy more, ASAP, without messy data management or implementation headaches. 

Generate Growth at Every Touchpoint

Whether it’s in advertising, social media, the web, voice or in-store, conversational AI gives you the opportunity to delight your customers and sell more, creating lasting customer relationships and making your brand truly beloved. Click below to learn more. 

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Leading in Innovation

We’ve helped brands so much with conversational AI that we’ve gotten awards for it

Featured Case Study

See Our Solutions in Action

Automat worked with Vichy to improve the responsiveness and guidance they provide consumers, driving 35% higher ARPU, increased engagement and high customer satisfaction as a result.

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