Conversations sell

Bring the power of sales conversations to your website. Drive sales and build trust at unbelievable scale


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Why Brands Pick Automat

2x More Sales than Usual

Brands that use Automat on their site are seeing big ROI. Personalized recommendations get new visitors to convert 2X more than usual.

90% Customer Satisfaction

We design incredibly human conversations. People love talking to our AI, even when they know it’s not human.

More 1st party data than ever

Imagine thousands of sales conversations happening at scale, all helping your customers at the very moment they’re ready to buy.

Words Matter

Retailers have always relied on conversations to drive sales in-store. Automat brings the power of sales conversations to your eCommerce—at scale.



Drive sales and build trust
at unbelievable scale

Automat maximizes engagement by simply talking to your customers, learning their needs, and personalizing your website to their desires.

Automat’s key strength is in the power of their technology to allows us to scale conversational marketing/sales efforts. They are really driving the conversational space with their breakthrough technology.”

— Robert Beredo, CDO of L’Oréal Canada

The 24/7 sales expert
that never gets tired

It’s the passionate product expert that knows your catalog inside and out. Your AI product enthusiast and your biggest brand advocate.

It’s always about the team and the Automat team is not only the best in the biz but they are a delight to work with. Collaborative, timely and always bringing fresh, new and industry-leading ideas..”

— Amy Luca CEO of The Amplify

Basically, people just
want to chat

In the age of information and technology, people expect their needs to be met immediately. And personal conversations are the only way to do it.

Automat’s technology, their understanding of the consumer and their ability to identify the most effective way for brands to add value through Conversational AI is unparalleled among competitors..”

— Jon-Michael Olivia Digital Lead Global & US at Coty


No need to mobilize your team of developers: we work closely with you to create and deploy the best conversational experience possible, in just one month.