Pushing the Boundaries of Conversational AI

Conversational AI has existed in one form or another since 1966, but for most of its history it has been in the background, doing customer service “dirty work” and providing experiences that usually just irritated users. With today’s advances in deep learning and other forms of AI, there’s a new opportunity to apply this technology to marketing and commerce. It’s taken center stage in how the world’s leading brands acquire customers and nurture stronger relationships with them. This is Automat’s mission, and with a founding team that boasts a combined 50 years of experience in Conversational AI, we’re bringing to bear the expertise and pedigree that’s needed to realize its full potential.

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Our Founding Team


Greg, Erdem and Andy have a few things in common. They all love and have experience with Conversational AI. They all happened to have worked at Nuance Communications at one point in time, and they all believe conversations can make the world different – in a way you’ll actually love. 

Greg, our Chief Business Officer, has bounced between conversational AI and cleantech, leading strategic shifts, driving cloud strategies and coming off big exits – whenever he’s not running a Tough Mudder of course. 

Erdem’s history developing Question Answering and Natural Language Processing for Nuance, IBM Watson and other solutions isn’t what you’d expect from the easy-going renaissance man you might meet in person – one who also serves as Automat’s Head of Research. 

Andy, our CEO, is just as approachable, but once you get him going on a topic, you may get more than you bargained for – what else would you expect from the guy who ran AI for a $350M enterprise division and basically invented the first mobile voice assistant for enterprise?

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Thought Leadership

Your Complete Guide to Conversational AI

Conversational AI is positioned to transform every aspect of the marketing funnel. In Advertising, Commerce and Replenishment, brands are challenged with ways to improve performance and overcome diminishing returns. Creating one-to-one, conversational connections with their consumers can be one of the best ways to respond to that challenge. 

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Our Advisors

In addition to the strength of our founding team, our board has many of the best Martech and Conversational AI leaders out there.

Tim O'Reilly Technology trendspotter & Founder and CEO O’Reilly Media
Gary Clayton Former Chief Creative Officer TellMe & Nuance
Richard Socher Chief Scientist at Salesforce, NLP Professor at Stanford
Amy Banse Managing Director & Head of Funds at Comcast Ventures, Board Member at Adobe Systems
Ron Croen Founding CEO of Nuance, Partner of You & Mr Jones brand-tech group