Retail Rebound Report



The words are starting to feel cliche: we’re in this together, in these uncertain times, here’s the solution

Automat is genuinely interested in listening to businesses right now to learn how we can all grow as a community and to learn more about how we can help. We’re putting together an exclusive industry report in collaboration with McGill University’s Desautels school of management.

The research project will take place over the next two weeks. We want to know: what does the rebound look like for you? What are you focusing on? Where are you feeling the most pain?

Data is power, everyone is grappling with a different set of problems and the truth is that no business has a roadmap for this. We’re looking for companies big and small that want to share their experiences. 

PARTICIPATE NOW and be the first to get the learnings via our Retail Rebound Industry Report. The questions won’t take more than 5 minutes and we’ll make sure that you’re amongst the first to get the learnings of the report. It’s completely anonymous, and we won’t share your individual responses with anyone.