Double your conversion rate with automated sales conversations

Get to know each visitor and show them the best products based on who they really are. Make your website, ads, and emails more personal than ever.

Without Automat

Her research work starts: she uses search filters, browses product pages, reads reviews, and googles ‘How to tell if I am flat footed’..

She adds 3 pairs of shoes to her cart. She knows the answer to her need is somewhere in the cart but which shoe is perfect for her? 

She re-opens the 3 product pages, compares, hesitates. Then her grocery delivery arrives. She'll make a decision later. Or not


With Automat

She's greeted with a message: "Find the perfect shoes for you". Relieved, she starts chatting with the AI. It asks when she started jogging, where she usually runs, and how often.

In the background, Automat automatically ranks all the available shoes, based on how they match her specific needs. She gets a super-personalized recommendation. 

Her grocery delivery arrives. She forgets about the shoes. An hour later, she receives an email: "Here are the shoes I recommended earlier! They're perfect for your occasional street running routine, and they're available in your size."

She's convinced. These shoes are what she needs.



Meet Alison. She recently decided to start jogging. She googles “running shoes women” and lands on It's her first time on the site.

She browses the Women's section. Wow. 313 pairs to choose from. Choice is great, but she's not sure what she needs.

"I’ve never been to the site before and I was BLOWN away! I chatted to see which products were recommended and then I added almost every single one to my cart! I have NEVER EVER had such a great user experience before on a site so I just wanted to send a note saying how awesome the experience was.”


Automat makes shoppers happy


Perfect recommendations at scale

The more SKUs you have, the harder it is to recommend products. Use AI to guide each customer to the right product, at scale.

We train your AI to become your own product expert. No matter how many SKUs you have, it knows every product and which needs they solve for customers.

Smart catalog

Personalized conversations

Automat chats and learns about each customer. As they describe what they need, Automat identifies what products are best fitted, and make hyper-personalized recommendations. Single products, full bundles, we got you covered.

Personalized journeys that convert

Personalize each touchpoint based on what customers tell you. Not just where they click.

Automat customizes your website after each conversation by highlighting products that suit your customer's exact needs and desires. 

Website personalization

People open up to our AI, allowing you to collect 4X more remarketing data than regular experiences. Boost your ROAS by targeting customers with their personalized recommendations.


Collect more emails and re-engage your customers by sending them their personalized recommendations.

Email recommendations

Drive traffic to a landing page that adapts to each visitor. Your new media campaign secret weapon

Conversational landing pages

Transform your hero banner into a conversational experience that converts better than any CTA.

Conversational banners

Nobody puts Automat in a corner. Our conversations are not stuck in the bottom right of your home page. We make your entire site conversational.

Beautiful experiences
that engage


We take care of the

No need to mobilize your team of developers and marketers: we build everything for you

Your AI will be live in 4 weeks. From there, it’s better conversions from day 1.

We deliver results, fast

From kick-off to long after your bot is live, our success team works closely with you to build, optimize and report on your AI performance

Our success team works
with you, all the way

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  • "Automat is a significant upgrade from quizzes and chats we’ve seen across our competitors’ websites. Their solution is really in-depth and personalized, and they’re driving great results for us.""

    — Robbi Webb - Senior Director, Ecommerce at amika

  • "Automat has been an excellent partner in building our brand's first Messenger Bot. Their deep industry experience specialized in beauty helped us jump several steps ahead and streamline the process. They were able to help shape our goals for the experience to be in line with an ideal beauty consumer user experience. "

    — Jaqueleen L | Sr. Manager, Global Digital & Brand Communications at Bobbi Brown

  • "Automat's key strength is in the power of their technology to allows us to scale conversational marketing/sales efforts. They are really driving the conversational space with their breakthrough technology."

    — Robert B | Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at L'Oréal

  • "It's always about the team and the Automat team is not only the best in the biz but they are a delight to work with. Collaborative, timely and always bringing fresh, new and industry leading ideas."

    — Amy L | Chief Executive OfficerMarketing and Advertising at theAmplify


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