L'Oreal Case Study Fulfilling the Need for Personalized Advice

Nurturing the love customers already have for their brands is at the core of L’Oréal’s digital strategy, but earning more rich data and increasing ecommerce sales were essential to continuing the company’s growth. With that in mind, L’Oréal enlisted Automat to build a Beauty Gifter that would deliver personalized advice and recommendations over the holiday season. 

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Experience-Driven Beauty

With Automat, L’Oréal created an experience that drove higher response rates, engagement and opt-in vs the web.

Response rate vs Email CTR

Conversation turns vs website session pages

Email opt-in vs website

Bringing Personalization to 11 Brands at Once

Data is the lifeblood of any modern digital enterprise, and L’Oréal knew that rich profile collection on information like skin type, age, personal style, email address and more could be compiled like never before with Automat – all while providing a pleasant experience. 

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How the Experience Worked

Leveraging Facebook Newsfeed

By theming Beauty Gifter as a communal, interactive experience, Automat’s solution drove more organic reach through a variety of social channels.

Determining Budget and Giftee

The experience kicks off by prompting the user for their budget and the individual they wanted to give a gift to, doubling turns per conversation with a short, effective introduction.

Learning More About Your Giftee

Using high-quality visuals, Automat doubled the response rate of Beauty Gifter, which allowed users to learn more about each other and better enjoy the experience. 

Product Recommendations

Personalized content around product recommendations earned 3x more engagement than generic content, deepening the connection consumers felt with L’Oréal.

Personalized Re-Engagement

With rich profiles in hand, L’Oréal could re-engage consumers through a preferred social channel. Relevant offers generated response rates 6-7x higher than email, and 2-3x higher for read rates when also compared to email.

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