CoverGirl Case Study The World’s First Influencer Chatbot

CoverGirl’s reputation precedes it among young consumers carrying any scent of a cool and hip self-image. Understanding this, CoverGirl leveraged a partnership between Kalani Hilliker (influencer to 3 million-plus Instagram followers) and Automat to make beauty approachable and accessible to all. 

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A New Way to Influence Consumers

Of conversations earned positive sentiment

Of conversations led to coupon delivery

Revenue CTR on coupons delivered per diagnostic compared to website

Magnifying an Influencer’s Personal Touch

CoverGirl recognized the role influencers play in reaching today’s consumer, and Kalani Hilliker was selected for the very first influencer chatbot because of the strong engagement she already generated, based mostly on her continuous effort to personally engage with fans. 

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How the Experience Worked

Smooth Landing Experience

By guiding users to the chatbot experience, cover photos and other simple visual indicators were used to make it clear to users that they were talking to a chatbot, ensuring they didn’t shy away from the novel experience. 

Introduction to Conversation

As the bot explained it’s purpose of delivering content, recommendations and coupons, users were encouraged to recognize the value of the experience beyond its fun, enjoyable style. 

Tutorial & Games

Offering users a quiz and allowing them to guess some of the facts they may have already known about Kalani allowed them to feel closer with the bot, with that sense of identification creating even greater engagement.

Product Recommendations

Since the relationship between user and bot was established, CoverGirl could then engage users in a product recommendation process that surfaced great new finds and showed users the unique benefits of the brands. 

Product Coupons

After the best possible products were recommended, users were prompted with a coupon that encouraged them to try out the choice they were offered, earning CoverGirl new customers as a result.

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