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Connected Conversations that drive
engagement, insight and sales

Using our Conversational AI platform, bring G.R.A.C.E. (Guidance, Recommendation, Advice, Consultation and Expertise) to every part of your customer journey, using one single conversational intelligence.

Conversational AI Solutions

For Marketing

Turns moments of awareness into moments of engagement and conversion

Conversational Display Advertising
Display ads that you can chat with, without leaving your page
There is just so much you can say in a passive 300x600 ad banner. With conversational display ads, you can create unique conversational experiences that engage customers in multi-minute interactions while answering their personal questions.
Voice search
“Hey Alexa, how can I get rid of bags under my eyes?”
Answer customers’ lifestyle searches and leverage hand-free commands with branded voice experiences.

For Commerce

Increase online and offline sales with bots that know how to talk about your products and guide your consumers

Virtual Sales Advisors
Staff your digital stores with virtual product experts
Virtual Sales Advisors offer guided sales experiences that brands could previously only provide in-store. Leveraging Conversational AI, brands can now guide each of their consumers to the best products, while answering their questions in a personalized way.

For Support

Increase loyalty by providing support to your customers when they need it and how they need it.

Conversational FAQ & Human handover
Automate answers to frequently asked questions so your human agents can focus on solving complex requests.



Conversational Marketing Cloud Platform

Automat’s Conversational Marketing Cloud encompasses the entire conversational marketing journey, providing enterprise-grade security, data privacy, scalability, and robustness that stands in sharp contrast to the simplistic “chatbot” experiences and capabilities offered by other vendors.

Enterprise Security & Data Privacy.
Automat has passed stringent security audits from some of the largest and most security conscious brands in the world and we know what it takes to meet data privacy requirements across different regions of the world. Having an enterprise-grade solution is a given with Automat but is unfortunately not true for many others.
Conversation Creator Tool.
Automat provides a web-based graphical authoring and content management tool that enables marketers and designers (not just developers) to design and build conversational flows with embedded language understanding, generate and view consumer segments, and schedule notifications – increasing efficiency and the quality of the user experience you deliver to your customers.
Integrated Consumer Analytics.
Integrated web-based analytics allow marketers to gain insight into consumer behavior both in the aggregate and down to the individual consumer and chat session level – enabling quick iteration and tuning of the experience to better meet consumer needs and achieve the highest performance against target KPIs.

Dedicated Services Team

At Automat, we are dedicated to our customers’ success and, as such, provide a range of services to ensure your business goals are met. Our team of strategists, linguists, marketers, and designers is available to work closely with you and your agencies to help plan your conversational marketing strategy, design and implement it, and to maximize return on investment over time.

Brand Strategy + Creative.
Our team has over 50 years of experience delivering business results from conversational software solutions and know how to make conversational marketing work for your brand. We also know how to collaborate effectively with your agencies to seamlessly integrate into other branding and marketing initiatives.

Award Winning CUI Design.
Our team has won multiple awards for their innovative Conversational User Interface (CUI) design work, including for the first influencer chatbot and the first multi-brand product recommender. We can apply that same expertise for your brand to develop an experience that consumers will readily use and be successful with.

Ongoing experience improvement.
Your success is our primary goal, and unlike traditional campaigns which have a limited shelf-life, conversational marketing is all about building an ongoing relationship with consumers, learning more about them over time and being there when they need you. As such we also provide post-launch services to continue to improve your experience and results over time.

Proprietary AI Technology

Automat’s proprietary AI and machine-learning technology drives the most natural conversational experiences with users and dynamically optimizes conversion for the best business results. Unlike other platforms that integrate third-party AI components from Facebook or Google, Automat customers fully control their customer data and can use it to build massive long-term defensible competitive advantage in their vertical. Since we control the AI platform, we are constantly adding new features and improvements for our customers.

Deep Learning-Based Conversational Language Understanding.
Marketers can easily build language understanding into their bots with minimal training data and no specialized skills – all contextually-aware and optimized for messaging- and multi-turn dialog-based conversations. Our platform enable brands to conversationally collect hyper personalized information about their customers to enrich their existing CRM.

Reinforcement Learning-Based Conversion Optimization.
Manual testing and optimization is time-consuming and often leads to improvements to specific steps but not the best possible overall results for the end-to-end conversion funnel. Automat’s technology lets marketers try different variations of their conversational design at many different points in the experience and lets the AI test many variables at once (in contrast to simple A/B testing) and figure out what conversation leads to the best consumer experience and marketing outcomes.

Manifold Learning-Based Smart Segmentation.
Using a multi-dimensional clustering capability, our platform helps identify not only the consumer segments that are responding or not responding to specific campaigns but can also highlight only the relevant characteristics of each segment which aids marketers in terms of how to continue the conversation over time.

Game Theory-Based Smart Scheduling.
Our platform alleviates marketers of the guess work of when to send notifications and uses advanced game theory mechanics to determine the best time to send a notification to each consumer to optimize for engagement.


Looking to implement Conversational Marketing for your brand and start having personalized one-on-one conversations with your customers?
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