Conversational AI Case Studies

Learn how Vichy, CoverGirl, L’Oréal and Sally Hansen engaged customers, generated insight, drove promotion and increased sales and acquisition with Conversational AI.

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Vichy's Virtual Skin Expert

Vichy is known for expertise in skincare. With Automat, they were able to provide a virtual skincare expert that drove engagement, insight and sales in a totally new way. 

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CoverGirl's Influencer-Driven Chatbot

The influencer economy is critical to beauty brands. To take engagement deeper, Automat created an influencer-based chatbot with CoverGirl and Kalani Hilliker to bring a new generation of consumers closer to their brand. 

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L'Oréal's Holiday Beauty Gifter

Rich first-party data is essential to any modern brand. With that in mind, L’Oréal created a gift-giving experience that drove connection with consumers while offering rich multi-brand product recommendations. 

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Sally Hansen's Perfect Shade of Red

By deploying a festive campaign that allowed users to find a new shade while also learning about the brand, Sally Hansen drove both engagement and email acquisition and revived their e-commerce presence. 

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Why Automat?

Automat’s Conversational AI is purpose-built to help you learn about your customers, increase sales and make them happier. Get a demo or explore our solutions below to learn more.

4-6 Insights with Every Chat

First-party data is table stakes for modern brands. Make consumer experiences better by learning what they really want.


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Conversational AI that’s fun, quick, easy, friendly and informative makes consumers love your brand.