The Most Advanced Conversational AI Platform

AI has a lot to offer, but many vendors can’t give you rapid benefits right out of the box. We’ve productized conversational experiences that give you marketing and sales lift from day 1, while leaving your customers happier than they’ve ever been.

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Taking Deep Learning to New Heights

Based on the latest advances in AI, we specialize conversational interfaces to your industry and goals. From your consumer’s first engagement to every one that follows, our platform empowers your brand to become a true one-to-one marketing juggernaut.

Conversation Creator

Automat’s Conversation Creator allows designers and marketers to quickly deploy Conversational AI without relying on developers and researchers. Our award-winning design team works with brands to customize conversation flows, goals and tone-of-voice to achieve the best results and continually improve the user experience.

Natural Language Understanding, Processing and Generation

Natural Language Understanding, Processing and Generation all play a part in automating conversations while still responding to users in their own unique language. Using Deep and Reinforcement Learning while pre-training solutions based on industry, our platform means small datasets don’t get in the way of big results.

Product Inventory Management

You know how great your offering is, but it can be hard for a consumer to tell what’s best for them. Automat’s proprietary Product Inventory Management automatically crawls and tags your entire product catalog to identify the most relevant products based on each consumer’s individual needs.

Conversational Conversion Optimization

With every conversation comes a new chance to optimize. Automat uses Conversational Conversion Optimization to make experiments go faster, optimize for multiple weighted goals and outcomes at once and give brands the best possible outcomes with Conversational AI. In one week, you can do things like nearly double your rate of engaged conversations with optimization capabilities that simply aren’t available anywhere else.

Conversational UX Technology & Expertise

Automat’s team isn’t just the first to ever develop an influencer chatbot, we’re also the first to offer multi-brand product recommendation. These multi-award-winning projects are the foundation of historically unmatched performance in generating more insight, conversion and happiness for the world’s biggest brands. 

Rich Customer Profiling

Automat’s technology doesn’t infer user interest in your products and services – it actively gets them to disclose what they want most in a fully transparent, opt-in and fun way. With accurate, specific first-party data, you finally have the power to give your consumers truly relevant, personalized experiences at every point in their customer journey

Enterprise-Grade Security & Data Protection

SOC1, ISO27k, GDPR compliant, and we’ve also passed the world’s most stringent security audits from the likes of L’Oréal and more. We’re in dozens of regions worldwide, practicing full privacy and compliance with data protection requirements in each one, guaranteeing each new customer enterprise-grade solutions that don’t come with a catch. 

"Did you enjoy chatting with me?": What End Users Say

“A great application to quickly sort your needs”

“You asked all the right questions and gave me detailed analysis”

“It almost feels like a real one-on-one conversation”

Featured Case Study

Vichy's Virtual Skin Expert

Vichy drastically improved the experience they offered through e-commerce by deploying a Virtual Sales Advisor. With Automat’s team in tow, the project drove multiple minutes of engagement per session, 35% higher average revenue and outstanding customer satisfaction.

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