What is Conversational Marketing and How Can It Help My Brand?

What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational Marketing using AI is enabling marketers to achieve their long held desire to have personalized one-on-one conversations with their customers, learn what they care about, and build ongoing relationships that help companies serve their customers better. These breakthroughs are occurring due to two concurrent macro trends: the rise of messaging and artificial intelligence. The majority of mobile usage is now occurring inside of popular messaging applications like Facebook Messenger and companies are seeking the best way to meet their customers inside these apps. At the same time, advances in AI are opening the door for companies to have conversations with their customers at scale and in doing so learn about their needs and preferences without monitoring their online behavior in intrusive ways.

How Can It Help My Brand?

Personalized one-on-one conversations have the power to build customer relationships, increase loyalty and deliver great consumer experiences. Brands can utilize Conversational Marketing to open a bi-directional communications channel with their customers, augment their existing CRM by capturing valuable first-party data in their customers’ own words, and utilize that deep understanding of the customer to deliver business outcomes. The most desirable conversion event will vary by industry and use case but we most typically see companies interested in driving e-commerce transactions, influencing offline purchases or other behavior, opening new accounts, or facilitating a direct connection with the right subject-matter expert. With most brands doing less than 10% of their overall sales on digital channels, for example, there’s huge untapped potential for our customers.

Conversational Marketing In Action

Leading brands are leveraging our Conversational Marketing Cloud powered by artificial intelligence to engage consumers over messaging and deliver meaningful business results and return on investment. Here are just a few examples of the work Automat is doing with its customers.

L’Oreal launched a new gifting service on Facebook Messenger called Beauty Gifter that takes the guesswork out of buying beauty-related gifts without spoiling the surprise for the recipient

Covergirl partnered with social media influencer Kalani Hilliker to reach teen customers on Kik Messenger, resulting in far higher engagement and consumer sentiment than typical posts

National Bank of Canada will have customer conversations over Facebook Messenger to facilitate scheduling face-to-face meetings with staff members within branches for financial advice

A Unique Point of View

Customers value having Automat and our experienced team as trusted partners as they navigate the opportunities and challenges of this new category of Conversational Marketing. The two most frequent questions we get are:

Creating a Roadmap for the Future

Think Conversational Marketing could move the needle on your business but not sure exactly where or how to begin? Let’s talk and we can share what we’re seeing in the industry, conduct a workshop to uncover use cases specific to your brand, share best practices, and develop a business case to get started.