The Future of Messaging

A compelling vision for the future

At Automat we believe that since Messaging has become the main way that consumers communicate with their friends and family that soon Messaging will become the primary and preferred way that they talk to the businesses in their life. Not only does this present an immediate opportunity to meet your customers where they are in their channel of choice, but conversational interfaces create a deeper form of engagement with your customers than is possible on other self-service channels. Over time, the conversational data you collect can be used to better understand your customers needs, preferences and with Artificial Intelligence you can learn how to communicate with them better and more effectively right from the moment of first contact all the way through their entire customer journey.

Our CEO discussing the future of messaging

Talkabot TalksInterview with Andy Mauro

Interview spanning a number of topics, including “How important will conversational UI be to the next wave of web applications?”, “What ways can machine learning help Companies learn more about the people who use their products?”, and “What opportunities are there for brands to engage potential customers via communicating via natural language?"

TalkabotLessons from Voice Recognition

Andy Mauro spent the last 15 years learning how voice can be used to communicate with computers, starting with early phone based speech recognition systems through to the first enterprise mobile virtual assistant. Do the same rules apply to applications for messaging? Some do and some don’t!

The O’Reilly Bots PodcastBot Platforms and Tools

“Anyone looking to get into this space should be looking at the emerging new platforms,” advises Mauro. “Pick the right channel, pick the vertical problem, and pick a platform that fits your strategic goals.” We discuss various bot platforms, including those developed by Facebook, Slack, and Microsoft, and Andy’s “sleeper pick,” Kik.

O’Reilly Bot DayLessons Learned

For Bot Day O’Reilly asked us to talk about our experiences building on top of each of the major messaging platforms. We cover strategies for building great bots, technical features of Messenger, Slack, Kik, Skype and Allo and others along with assessments of business features and partner programs and end with a wishlist of features we’d like to see from the major platform providers